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Fat Freezing

We’ve been keeping a little something secret from you and the time has come to finally announce we will now be offering fat freezing in clinic by @coolslimmingcryo . This is something we have been researching for some time and with many clients interested and curious about this treatment it was meant to be.

What is Cool Slimming you might ask?

Cool Slimming also referred to as fat freezing or Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that delivers controlled cooling at the surface of the skin to freeze unwanted fat. With the fat unable to survive in such cold temperatures, this causes the fat cells to die and are eliminated through your lymphatic system.

Is it a safe procedure

The procedure is a safe, non invasive treatment for the reduction of fat pockets that diet and exercise refuse to budge. The revolutionary medical grade Cool Slimming 360 device allows us to freeze up to 60% more surface area than other brands on the market.

Lucky for us, we now have the latest TGA approved technology currently on the market!

What is the difference between CoolSlimming and other fat freezing devices on the market?

Simply put, our device is TGA approved, safe and highly effective in providing fat freezing. Cool Slimming 360 provides the latest technology on the market with Sculptd being one of a few clinics who offer this technology in Perth!

We have taken the time to research and put forward the latest and most effective treatments for our clients whilst being safe and TGA approved. Our staff are also now fully trained in offering this service to you. It’s extremely important that we take these measures to ensure the services we are providing comply with Australian health standards and ethics. At Sculptd Body and Skin we pride ourselves on being transparent and honest with our clients about the devices we use and guarantee a safe environment for all our clients 🤍

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